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A Spectrum of Intimacy

SEPTEMBER 14th 2018

“A relationship anarchist begins from a place of assuming total freedom and flexibility as the one in charge of their personal relationships and decides on a case by case basis what they want each relationship to look like.”

Curious about relationship styles and relating to others? Me too! Join me for a workshop on these topics September 14th!

RSVP ONLY -- super limited space. $25.00

Witches New Year
asana + meditation + magick

OCTOBER 27th 2018

Yoga + Meditation + Magick: A Witch’s New Year

The fall and winter season is our call to remember the importance of sacred shadow work. Physically it brings more darkness to the outer world, and in doing so opens space to explore our own inner realm.

The end of October transitioning into the month of November is known as “Samhain” (pronounced sah-ween), or “The Witch’s New Year.”
During this time we honor the ending of summer and the coming joys of fall’s harvest. We lay to rest what no longer serves us, and look forward to cultivating ourselves. This workshop will use Meditation + Yoga + Rituals to help you shed habits and tap into the Magick of the season. As we gather, we will honor our ancestors and past forms of self, enjoy a guided meditation, journal about our experiences, quite literally break some bread together (and enjoy the carbs), and pour some cider out for our passed on homies.


TRIBE with Amplified OM + Know Frequency

NOVEMBER 9th 2018

We will camp under stars, we will talk, learn, share, and grow. Class offerings were designed to expose you to new aspects of yourself, while reminding you how truly similar everything is. It’s a place designated to challenging you, nurturing you, and leaving you feeling more capable of a continued understanding of yourself.

Hosting themes from dancing, music, tarot, and yoga our days will be filled with activities and amplified sound immersions, and our evenings filled with the healing sounds of crystal bowls and music to groove and flow to.



I like to bring a little bit of magick wherever I go -- from an altar of oracle cards and essential oils, to giggle pranayama. You can come to your mat expecting an intelligently sequenced, physical practice filled with empowering asanas, in a totally approachable fashion. Taking from concepts like Whole Brain Learning, forgiveness based meditation, and personality development, my classes are designed with integration in mind. Let this be a reminder that yoga comes with us off the mat when we leave class, no matter who or where we are. It’s our rituals -- not routine that keep us on track.


Intimacy & Relating

I love you.
We are friends.
This person is like family.
Blood is thicker than water.
My tribe.
These are my people.
We make the best partners.
I'd do anything for you.
Raise my children with me.
. . . and then everything in between. Relating to others is no black and white task.

What makes something intimate? What kinds of things make you feel vulnerable with someone? What kinds of things do you like to boldly share? Interested in exploring? 

Jordan thinks that the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one you have with yourself -- through helping you build that bond she hopes that will empower you to choose fulfilling and healthy relations from there (be it in the office or bedroom, or your bedroom office!)

Explore these themes and learn more about your relation to self and others. Coming from a background of ethical non-monogamy and non-traditional relationship dynamics, Jordan strives to not change who a person is, but how authentically they are showing up for themselves and others. She works with groups, couples, individuals, single, monogamous, and non-monogamous all welcomed. Jordan believes that learning more about intimacy and relation is beneficial to all beings!



For me, tarot reading is like a mix between a fortune cookie and rorschach test. It gives you a taste of a potential future, but it's what you infer from that information that makes the reading so dang powerful. I use tarot as a physical story telling device and to help us ask the right questions to help you get to real world answers.


Song Healing

Interested in exploring music in a more meaningful way, Jordan is persuing venues to be booked for an intimate music experience where listeners are encouraged to sit with the musician, chat between songs, lay down and relax, and unite with the universal language that music is.


A Little Bit of Magick

corporate events, private parties, personal journey, self-growth, intimacy, yoga, tarot, music, personality, non-traditional relationship dynamics, authenticity, values.