The Business of Relation


It all started when…

my friend and I realized that the core value of each of my passions is their capacity for intimacy.

I've written books, played music, been a pastry chef, taught yoga, and written workshops. . . but it all comes back to the connection.

It was a love story.

the songs were about my life.

the cakes were for weddings and birthdays.

i started teaching my best friends.

the workshops are spaces for people to gather and share.

so with that, I want to bring you the most whole-istic approach to intimacy possible.

I want to help dismiss the myth that love, affection, loyalty, and compassion are only possible in typical romantic relationships.

So if you're trying to better understand your work/housemates, your coworkers or boss, your partner or partners, or if you're thinking of opening your relationship, if you want to "spice things up" with your forever bae, or if you want to know what to look for in your next date . . . 

I urge you to set up a private session or show up to a workshop when I'm in your area.