The Magick of Introversion and Extroversion

Understanding how you gather energy is so vastly important to your self care rituals.
Introversion and Extroversion is one of my favorite things to learn about, and knowing which you are is essential to balancing your energy (I say this because mine is seriously out of whack right now!)

People tend to think that introvert means: Shy. Isolated. Hates people. Loves being alone all the time. Nerd.
They think extrovert means: Outgoing. Annoying. Loud. Gregarious. Never every can be alone not even for one minute.

I often am the poster-child for how confusing introversion and extroversion can look. I'm a social butterfly, love performing, teach yoga, go to parties and festivals, chat it up with coworkers, friends, and people I've just met... but I'm an introvert.
Because as much as I love those things, if I don't balance it with some sweet sweet alone time with myself, I HATE those things. I hate going to yoga. I hate my coworkers. I hate the idea of even meeting people I don't know yet. Yet after a nap, a few hours alone doing whatever it is that my thing is, all of those options sound fantastic to me.

On the other hand, someone who is extroverted might start acting differently if they don't get enough time around their homies and hoomans. They may be sleepy, non-communicative, edgy, and not enjoying of their regular hobbies (which might even be the things that get them around the people they need! like dancing, groups, social gatherings...).

The fact is that most of life is just a series of spectrums, and how you gather energy most efficiently for your body is going to fall closer to one end of it than another.

Introversion is better described as: Gathering the most energy in ones own space. This can be things like: playing video games, reading books, flow arts, naps, partying it UP in an empty house, cooking in your undies, a walk by yourself... This alone-time energizes certain people because it allows them space to collect their thoughts, to feel independent and make choices for themselves and not the group, and to process events and social situations. Introverts can be overly taxed by being around too many people for too long, or for too many days in a row.

Extroversion is better explained as someone who is fueled by the group. It's a person who would rarely deem their outside environment as especially "taxing" (you know that one friend who can go to work AND the party after with a huge smile, hug for everyone, and know they have work, a meeting, and a hangout session the next day????). They enjoy banter, conversations, multiple outings with less days off or time alone in between, always having an adventure buddy, and can even feel fueled by just being in the "flow" of things, like being out and about around other people doing other people-y things.

of course <everyone> needs other peoples sometimes, and some space alone sometimes, but realizing which one makes you feel fullest the fastest can help you hack the system.

Knowing that your bad mood, emotional frailty, exhaustion, or aggravation may just be because you need to phone a friend, or go take a time out can take a lot of the pressure of, "What is wrong with me!?" out of the equation. Try not to resist it! Often a tired introvert will not want alone time, and a tired extrovert can't find it in them to go out to the thing they wanted to in the first place.

What do you think you are, and what makes you think so? What are some of your favorite "recharging" activities?

For my introverts out there -- remember to take time for yourself.
It can be really hard when coupled, roommating, or when dranking that workaho to remember that just disengaging from the folx around you doesn't count as recoup time.
What you need is . . .
True. Time. Alone. Not a coffee shop by yourself. Not doing your own thing with others in the room. True, "oh my god am I going to be lonely?!?" alone time. Do it.

Extroverts — I know you feel sleepy, and you’ve cooped yourself up for weeks now. Have you had coffee with your bestie? Can you hit an open mic or comedy night and just be, and laugh with strangers? Have a mini-teeny-tiny dinner party for a few close folx. It’s easy for you to think you don’t even like people anymore once you’ve been off the wagon for a while.

Nervous? Lost? Not sure what alone time means for you? Not sure you get all this extroversion introversion stuff??

Message me today and lets get some #Clairity.

Jordan Tyler