The Magick of Stillness

The first thing yoga will do for you, is kick you in the teeth. . .

Your ego won’t know what’s coming for it, by the time yoga slips around back and starts choking it out.

It first starts with awareness. And spreads to every single limb of your body as your vessel absorbs every limb of your practice.

This intrusive need for attainment.
To have. To hold. To achieve. Mine. Me. I. Ego.

One of the first things yoga brought to me, is that there is no attainment. As soon as I unlocked one achievement, there was a deeper variation of the pose, another bit of alignment to correct, or a deeper breathe to be taken. Every time I thought I’d gotten “There”, there was always some mild work to be done.

This narrative has been told a million times before as part of a “coming of age” Zen story.

The moment the young monk realizes that when all they focus on is “finishing” that they miss out on the joy and consciousness of the work they are doing presently.

Sure, I could do the splits on the right side – even on a bad day. Still can’t do them on the left side. Still I needed to square my hips in line with my mat, more. Still I needed to point my toes. Still I needed to breathe into my belly. Still I need to release my jaw. Still I could lift my heart, more. Still, still, still . . . so many things yet to achieve . . . still, still still . . . it’s almost maddening, how will I ever get to all of those still, still stills?

It kind of feels like my life is filled with total and utter stillness.

Oh I get it. Stills becomes, stillness. We learn to be exactly where we are, wherever it is, because it’s the only place we can be, and the only place where doing any work will do any work.

There are so many paces left to walk, and the journey isn’t over until it actually ends. So we must sniff the roses from time to time, and learn that There (where are we in such a rush to, anyway?) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

BEing is BElieving

Jordan Tyler