A Brief Case history


The heart of my story is really a concept. A friend and I started developing this idea of “Constellation Careers” when I was about 19. We had this theory that you could take up to three things that you have a natural passion for and develop each into their own solid skill-set and network. Over the years as you begin approaching mastery in each, you can begin merging these three industries to create your own entirely unique Constellation Career.

The benefits of this approach being:
Desirability — Few others in the industries may share the special knowledge of your chosen topics, which makes you a desirable hire.

Sustainability — As you work each star in your constellation, it allows you to always go where the flow is. When income through one source dwindles, you have the opportunity to keep working and developing in another area.

Longevity — Humans get bored with the routine! Allowing an avenue for us to explore several of our natural interests makes our working years so much more fun!

I’d say a lot of my story started when my family moved to San Diego in 2006. I was 12 years old, had just learned to play guitar, and was writing my own songs in an unfamiliar city. Always the precocious homeschooled kid, I started asking my parents if I could perform my songs for the public. Supportive and coy in their approach, they said, “Sure. Book one!” Much to their surprise, I did. And then kept doing just that for many years to come.

Around the time I retired from a performance career was about the time I found my consistent yoga practice. Having spent years pushing my image, my songs, my shows and my CD’s, I was in a sudden juxtaposition where the practice I was enjoying was totally INSIDE myself. I’d shifted modalities of expression, from a performance to a practice. In that headspace, the possibilities felt endless.

I took a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, got certified in 2014, and hit the mat teaching as fast as I could. My favorite styles leaned toward a playful expression that was clearly influenced by my performance background. I introduced classes onto my roster like, “Dirty Girls Yoga — Yoga for Non-Yogis” where my students would talk during class, check their phones, and be encouraged to just “TRY” it. With a partner, I started Yoga Out Loud a Deep House + Vinyasa experience on the Bay Front that ultimately got shut down (the city doesn’t have permits that allowed for both the music and the amount of folks gathering). Now I teach locally, at festivals, and in 2019 I’ll be instructing at the Elysia Yoga Convention in Greece!!!

I worked at a few studios around San Diego, but in 2016 I really found my home in Bird Rock with Riffs Studios. Just a five-minute walk from my apartment was a building that held guitars and yoga. A perfect summation on the last decade of my experiences. They offered me a creative freedom with my classes that really helped me blossom into the instructor I am today. They gave me a space to develop my offerings and sprinkle in some magick. This was my first real taste of my constellation coming together. Seeing how my music can be woven into my practice.

Recently I joined their staff as a Marketing and Memberships manager, and am thrilled to keep gaining skill-sets to support my long-term goals!

Slowly but surely I’ve chipped away at the original mold and created this sculpture that feels really representative of who I am and what I want to be doing while I have time on this planet. I like to see the challenges as an opportunity to learn something I didn’t know about myself (reveal a blind spot) and level up!

I think what sets me apart as a “brand” is my dedication to authenticity and playfulness. For my personal branding, I’m really okay with being perceived as edgier. I think it’s important to be talking about things that aren’t really mainstream yet, and I think our yoga mat can be a wonderful place and space to do it.

All of my classes have a musical component — I love creating weekly playlists on Spotify, and sometimes I get to spend a class singing, playing guitar, and instructing at the same time! I also always set up an Altar for classes, we have tons of crystals, oracle decks, oils, and other tools for discovery.

I’d say I have metaphorical cuing style (I like building on your knowledge by using familiar concepts), and an emphasis on anatomical alignment, a bold sense of humor, and a deep call to action. I want my students to begin to have a more holistic understanding of themselves, so we can work on obtaining a more whole-istic understanding of each other from a place that feels validated, safe, and honors the necessity of each person’s individuality.

I believe that integration is the name of the game. I have a huge passion for personality development, self-initiated growth, and fostering the connection between our “inside voice” and “outside life.” If you take one of my classes or workshops, I like to think that you can expect to leave your mat feeling like the mindfulness we practiced there sticks around for the rest of the day.